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Cabo Catering - Cabo Fresh Catering
Cabo Fresh - Stony Brook

The Ultimate Fiesta

Our Cabo Fiesta, Plus 50% more protein

Choice of protein (price varies by protein)
Soft flour tortillas 
Crispy taco shells 
Black beans or pinto beans 
Jack cheese
All five salsas 
Sour cream
Fresh tortilla chips
Queso and Guacamole

Serving Spoons &Tongs, Utensils, Bowls, Napkins 
Chafing racks and sternos available

Chicken 19.95 PP
Steak 20.95 PP
Pork 20.35 PP
Beef 20.95 PP
Grilled Shrimp 22.95 PP
Grilled Tuna 22.95 PP
Vegan Chorizo 20.95 PP